Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers: Who's Really Who in the Martial Arts eBook

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Get right now access to the 2019 Martial arts Masters & Pioneers Biography eBook Volume #2 (PDF Format).

The Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers book is not intended to be just another martial arts book. It is one of the first publications that focuses on how martial arts study can have a positive impact on someones life. This is book 6 in the series of the AMAA Who's Who in the Martial Arts series with over 1000 martial artist share their journey of why they got started in the martial arts and how its impacted their lives.The reader will find the book both inspirational and motivational as you discover martial artists whose lives have been changed through the study of an application of the principles taught in the martial arts. Grand Master Bowen’s Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Edition represents the shift we Americans have brought to the arts, by recognizing the accomplishments of the individuals who practiced and perfected their arts, as opposed to the glorification of the arts themselves. In reading about what the Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Leaders here have done, one can only marvel at the magnitude of individual effort expended and sacrifices made, from the grassroots activities to global media and organizational results. So, rather than debating which blocks or strikes or styles are more perfect, this work heralds the individual strengths of those who share the marital bond in America, whose legacies have impacted martial arts in America and thus, around the world.

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