GOD GIVES ME VISION: Learn to Receive the True Abundance of God 

Do you ever feel as if you've forgotten something when you wake up? Perhaps it's all the things you've always wanted to do, be, and have in your life? Or are you at a crossroads in your life, knowing that bigger things await you and you're looking for a path to get there? God has already given you a vision that is in line with his plan for your existence on this evolutionary planet. Every second, the world changes, and every second, your life changes. So, right now, ask yourself, "Am I living in God's purpose?"


When I learned that I was living for a reason, a purpose that God had previously intended for me, my life changed. 

From a boy who couldn't protect himself to a martial arts world champion, the first time I started bowling, everyone laughed at me, but I went on to win 40 amateur titles, teach bowling at Duke University, and bowl professionally on the PBA tour. 

I even authored a book, Zen Bowling the Psychology of Better Bowling. 

I was bullied in high school for my writing and reading talents, but now I've published over 25 books and speak to corporations all over the world. I've told all of this to explain that when God has a plan for your life, nothing, not even your lack of knowledge, can stop it.